Distributed Executive Leadership (DEL)

DEL Pilot Team Mandates

Cycle 2 Update

Function Cycle 2 Current Sept 7 to Dec 22 Cycle 1 Past May 18 to Dept 5
Granting Chad Ryan
Staff Management Aaron Chad
Budgeting Ryan Erica
Strategic Integration Nicolina/Erica Vani
Strategic Learning Annie Aaron
Board Book Ryan/Chad Chad

Cycle Update and Seconds For Cycle 1

Current cycle: now – Sept 4th;   Second cycle: Sept 7th – Dec 22nd*

Function Current Lead Second (now- Sept 4)
Granting Ryan Chad
Staff Management Chad Aaron
Budgeting Erica Ryan
Strategic Integration Vani Nicolina/Erica
Strategic Learning Aaron Annie
Board Book Chad Ryan/Chad

May 18 – August 3 Cycle

Function Name
Budgeting Erica
Strategic Integration Vani
Strategic Learning Aaron
Board Book (may merge with Granting) Chad
Granting Ryan
New Granting Stream (Current cycle only) Nicolina
Program Staff Management Chad

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